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Originally Posted by BK Triple Threat View Post
The ECHL and CHL are on par. The only difference is the ECHL average age is younger. But if a guy can dominate one, he can do so in the other.
Not true at all. I've seen a lot of games in both leagues - yes, a top player in either league won't look out of place in the other, but the talent drop off from the first line to the 10th forward, first defense pair to the 7th d-man, best starting goalie to the 10th starting goalie in the CHL is significantly steeper in the CHL.

Some of the top CHL teams wouldn't look out of place in the ECHL, but to say they are on par just isn't true. About five years ago, there were 10 preseason games played between CHL teams and ECHL teams. The ECHL went 10-0-0 - and won those ten games with guys who got cut and went to play in the Central Hockey League (Jon Booras among them.)

The ECHL is younger - because players that are playing in the ECHL will get a look from scouts to get a call-up to the AHL or a AHL tryout the next season. The CHL is guys on their way out who really don't care as much, just want to keep playing, and don't want to put in the work that playing in a prospect-laden league requires. That's not a knock on the CHL - it's just a fact.

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