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02-05-2013, 09:23 AM
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Sorry for the length ....

Holden, it's obvious we won't agree on Peluso, and it confuses me how you've absolutely hated his presence on the team from the second we picked him up, but I just don't understand it. You said multiple times in recent time you want a big, physical team (that can play of course), much like the LA Kings. You rant and rave how the likes of Dwight King and most notable and comparably to Peluso, Jordan Nolan, boosted and gave LA new life, character and physical presence last season.

Could Peluso not have relatively the same effect for the Jets? even just maybe? They're the same age and Nolan just broke in a year ago. Looking at the numbers, I don't see why not, especially for a guy (Peluso) who was accepted into Gary Roberts' program and is in by all indications elite shape. Maybe he's not just a "goon", maybe he can be more. Even Jordan Nolan had what? 19 fights in his 2 AHL seasons. In 10-11 Nolan had 10 fights to Peluso's 15. In 11-12 in just 40 games Nolan had 9 fights. In 61 games for Peluso he had 16 fights. How are we talking one up as a "straight up goon" when their fight #'s are relatively comparable, and by no means miles apart.

Let's be honest, Jordan Nolan didn't light it up in junior statistically, though his numbers were respectable and in his final year he did score at a point per game pace, though that is the normal for a lot of players in their final year of junior. He wasn't even drafted until 2009, so he was passed over in 2 drafts. Obviously Nolan is the more naturally skilled, I won't deny that, though Peluso did play some defence by all indications. Even Peluso played at a near point per game in his final OHL season notching 11 goals and 22 points in his final 27 games with Brampton after he was traded there, while also adding 8 goals, 15 points in 21 playoff games. Solid numbers, nonetheless.

I understand Nolan was more of a power forward in Junior, and Peluso was used more as a grinding enforcer, but more importantly, what have they done since entering pro (AHL)..

I just don't understand. I look at Jordan Nolan's numbers in the AHL, 5 goals in 75 games (2010-2011), 9 goals in 40 games (2011-2012). And while the lockout was underway this season, he had just 2 goals and 6 points in 21 games for Manchester. Sure he played some PP and PK in his AHL time, but it's not like he was a scorer or it turned him into a PK'er at the NHL level, not even remotely.

In Jordan Nolan's 136 games played in the AHL, he collected 16 goals and 45 points, and 255 penalty minutes.

In Anthony Peluso's 181 games played in the AHL, he collected 15 goals and 29 points, and 318 penalty minutes.

Peluso in that time did indeed play 45 more games, had 1 less goal, scored 16 less points, and had 63 more penalty minutes. There are some gaps there, obviously, and obviously Nolan has more natural skill, plays a bit different of a game (or did in the AHL) but by all indications it is not by leaps and bounds here to the point where one is worth ranting and raving about and the other is talked down to the garbage you put out weekly for pickup.

I just don't understand why Nolan "can play" but you've been extremely angered, downright pissed off and disgruntled with the addition and flyer on Anthony Peluso, who in the grand scheme of things is fairly comparable to Nolan since they entered the AHL. Their respective games aren't eye to eye, but in the NHL it looks like they would both play very similar roles.

It's not even like Jordan Nolan plays a big, key role with LA and logs key, important minutes. Not even close. This season he averages 8:29 in ice time per game, doesn't see the PP or PK. He's much like Thorburn or Slater's even strength icetime for us. Truthfully, nothing too special.

Even last season for the Kings, Nolan didn't play on the PP or PK. A few shifts, but he was not a contributor on special teams. He averaged 9:20 in icetime per game in the regular season. And again in the playoffs, averaged 7:17 in icetime per game, was not on the PP or PK.

Why can't Anthony Peluso maybe do that, or at least get a chance before you chew him up and spit him out? It's as though you look at Peluso and think "goon", get this schmuck out of here. Yet he's 23 years old, in great shape and committed to the health/training aspect of the game, therefore I would say he takes the game seriously and maybe just maybe he wants to contribute in other ways than just his fists..... but you just write him off in the blink of an eye, yet are the first here to talk up Jordan Nolan, who, by all indications is your run of the mill checking winger.

I respect your opinion, but for you to be in love with what Nolan provided and provides to the Kings last season and this season, yet not even give Peluso the time of day to even show what he's got... i'll respectively never logically understand.

Lastly, and sorry for the long post, Peluso may and perhaps likely never will grind out a role in the NHL, it's quite possible. I just don't understand how two comparable pros in Nolan and Peluso are similar in a lot of areas statistically, yet one for you is gold and the other is garbage, get him out of here ASAP, nothin' but a scrub. I don't think it would be surprising to see Peluso carve out a role here in Winnipeg, much like Nolan has done in LA. Then again, maybe he doesn't, but I think you're very, very narrow minded on Anthony Peluso.

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