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Originally Posted by SarniaSting101 View Post
Definitely wasn't a pretty weekend of hockey but I am glad we pulled out a win yesterday so the boys could feel good about themselves for the long bus ride home.

I just read Paul Owen's article in the Observer about Hergott. I may be wrong but I don't understand how not playing a game for the last half of the season can help any goalie's development. Marc Audet is playing Tier II in the Northern League, Brodie Barrick played the same level in Eastern Ontario, as is Gunner Rivers, and Dawe who's time in the OJHL obviously helped him develop to where he is now, just to name a few goalies that I know of. I would think this is what helps development. As play-offs draw near, is JP and whoever else is on the roster (either Dawe or Barrick, who is expected to skate next week) going to give way to Hergott for any length of time during practice??

Also, as a fellow retired reporter, I was surprised to hear the comments said by Hergott about his former team and teammates, and that those comments were printed without consulting anyone from the Guelph team he was referring to. Hopefully it is all true or there may be some unhappy people in Guelph as there are always two sides to a story. Apparently he was released from Mooretown Jr C and also from his hometown Midget Team after he was released by the Sting during training camp, so there may be more to the story than we know. Maybe not, but perhaps an inquiry to the Guelph coach, GM, or former teammates should have taken place.
I totally agree with your assessment of Hergott. As for the story, if this was best the reporter could find, then maybe there nothing to write about. The kid, dragging his friends and teammate thru the mud is not newsworthy. We're talking 16 years old, not a pro.
PO should have tempered the comments or advise him because of his age. Good writers know what to include or exclude. Even though the kid is getting a chance of a lifetime he's on the spot. It's in print and i am sure his formers will read it. If this doesn't work, his reputation for fingerpointing will precede him.
So now that the can is open, it is predicament vs ability for him being here?

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