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Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
They do, and that's a problem they're actively trying to change with the Southern market strategy. Getting kids involved in hockey is the first step. More kids involved means more fans as both the child and the parent have to take an interest in the sport. While the parent club may suffer on the bottom line, the hockey camps and promotions they put on build a stronger future. They need to be committed enough to see that through though else it's all for not.

You can't grow the sport if you don't venture into those non traditional markets and in order to do so you must be willing to take a beating at first. The same thing happened in Carolina when they first joined the league, and they've been quite successful growing the sport there:

Phoenix was a reach when the NHL placed a franchise there, no doubt. So much has been invested in them now though it only makes sense to keep them there if possible. I also wonder if NBC would take issue with the NHL relocating a team from the sunbelt back to Canada after their latest broadcast contract.
I get that, but the Coyotes have been in the NHL for as long as the Hurricanes (1yr longer actually) and one team's got a vibrant, thriving fan base while the other is still struggling with fan interest.

There's a concept in small business called "strategic quitting." It comes from a book called The Dip by Seth Godin and it's basically about powering through the early obstacles (when everyone quits) and getting to a point where you can make an objective evaluation of where you're at, how long it's taken you to get there, and if your goals are still achievable given what you've learned since you've been in business- or if you're just throwing good money after bad.

To me, the Coyotes have gotten through the dip.

They've powered through ownership problems, arena issues, complicated local government issues, bankruptcy, been absorbed by the league... They've earned the right to take what they've learned and decide if it makes sense to keep racking up $30m losses. They've had 16 years to make it work, that's enough of a sample for me to say they had their shot.

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