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12-16-2003, 10:49 AM
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Again 3 typical liberal responses, more complaining and no suggestions or ideas on how to go about things.

Oh but it's not complaining, it's "voicing our opinion on our disgust with the way he handles it"... FINE then please do tell, he's made a billion mistakes well then i'd like to hear a billion alternative ideas on what to do.

Why not Kosovo, North Korea or Africa?

Hmmm do you remember what happened when we went to Africa last time? Kosovo, have you seen what's going on over there? Besides Kosovo doesn't hold as much interest for us. Yes it is also a civil war but
#1 Kosovo was/is a much more dangerous place and more lifes would have been lost. North Korea? haha I'll tell you right now if we invaded North Korea we'd be in for another Vietnam plus they're a much tougher enemy, you have to pick your spot was this the best spot to pick? Well some would say yes others no.

Edge you do realize anything in your posts automatically becomes pretty hard to believe when you say stuff like

The timing is ironic, considering how good news always seems to happen right when their is a controversy at the white house {the oil case findings, troops being overseas for the holidays, etc.} Always seems to happen when the heat gets too high, anyone wanna bet that Bin Laden will be found right before the election? I'm calling it now.
You basically discredit your WHOLE opinion with things like this. I bet we didnt' land on the moon either huh? No seriously I mean right at the height of the space race what better way to shut the commies up by staging a moon landing right? Oh but wait George W wasn't in office so it must have been for real. Give me a break Edge you're smarter than that.

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