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02-05-2013, 10:14 AM
It's finally over
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Amid all the noise on all sides, this tiny little post is probably as close to the truth of the matter as we are going to find.
If I had to bet money on this, I'd say that Bettman is pegged at 170m by owner mandate. The NHL is a lot of things, but they aren't stupid or incompetent. If a lower price was an option, they'd have likely already attempted it. They aren't keeping the Coyotes on the books for ***** and giggles, after all. They want that 170m. If it means doing the dance for subsidies, so be it. But that window looks like it is shut. I'd say our fate has already been decided by BOG vote on whether or not to cave on the 170m price. Realistically, the NHL can recoup that hit instantly by issuing two new teams and possibly a third a few years later. But this is not a charity and if there's one thing you can count on, it's that the owners will try to get as much money as possible.

It could be that if they are going to cut the price, they want the best possible owner they can find. Gallacher is very likely that guy. He is hockey crazy, with money, and has no affinity for any given cities. He just wants to be part of the club. It is entirely possible that he started out as part of GJ group, but when it became clear he had to put more in the pot, he demanded a controlling share. GJ balked at this, so the NHL yanked Gallacher out of the deal with promises they'd see where the city stands and if they can give him a sweet deal. GJ himself is a close ally of the league, so Gallacher being a part of his bid wouldn't really shock me. Nobody, including the mayor, missed a single damn beat when this all unfolded and there was chatter of a 'backdoor' deal that sunk GJ's bid. All things considered, that's pretty odd, given that we all know the stakes.

Or I could be seeing what I want to see, and this Gallacher is really just a weighty name floated to give false hope. I don't like our odds, but they are better than when we first heard GJ's bid was in trouble.

Originally Posted by naurutger View Post
Either I made it up or read a rumor some place that initially Glendale will ask for a high price to purchase the arena but may slowly come down. So that may be a way to give a subsidy to a new owner but it would be a long negotiation. The reward for Glendale is to get out of the arena business.
If the NHL cut the price, buying the arena is an option if you can front the money. Anyone know what it's worth right about now?

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