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02-05-2013, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by dansk55 View Post
I totally agree with your assessment of Hergott. As for the story, if this was best the reporter could find, then maybe there nothing to write about. The kid, dragging his friends and teammate thru the mud is not newsworthy. We're talking 16 years old, not a pro.
PO should have tempered the comments or advise him because of his age. Good writers know what to include or exclude. Even though the kid is getting a chance of a lifetime he's on the spot. It's in print and i am sure his formers will read it. If this doesn't work, his reputation for fingerpointing will precede him.
So now that the can is open, it is predicament vs ability for him being here?
Hergott got lit up every time he played my son's team this year huge.....not impressed providing details about his views on the situation with Guelph. There is a better way to explain the move, would have thought his advisor would have coached him to be more politically correct.

Hopefully the move works out.

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