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02-05-2013, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by JA#11 View Post

I lol'ed all summer with all the Parise bashing and Kovalchuk love fest about how Zach couldnt carry Kovies jock.

Devil fans and more importantly Lou used know that you win with an all around wsrrior like Zach over a me-first, cater everything around me,I need 25++ minutes a game and all 2 minutes on the point of every PP, player like Kovalchuk.

He places himself and his game above everything and everybody onthe team as shown by his total disregard for his team and teamates all for a totally meaningless ASG and has had this outlook since he entered the NHL hence why has never lead a team anywhere outside a cindarella run as a 6 seed.

There is a reason that he is a player in his prime with a 100++ million dollar deal with the longest term on a deal ever in the history on the game and he still got passed over for the Cin favor of a 38yr old journeyman defenseman which says it all right there for anyone paying attention outside of the excuse making Devils fans who spin it any way they can.
Man, I thought I took the rivalry seriously, but you take it to a different level But I shall try to address your points.

A) I dont see how you can argue Kovy isnt a warrior. He played the whole playoffs with a herniated disc in his back while outscoring your boy Parise.

B) Show me evidence Kovy places himself above the team

C) I dont pretend to know what goes on inside the Devils locker room and I dont think you should either.

D) Salvador is a journeyman? I didnt know journeymen play over 700 games

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