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02-05-2013, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by WingedWheel1987 View Post
I agree, I would much rather have Brunner over Hudler. Although the real comparison is, Hudler vs. Samuelsson. In that light, Hudler is the better player, but overpaid for too many years. His skill set is useless on this team. I would rather have the human piece of garbage, "Sammy" for two years over Hudler for four years.
Originally Posted by FlashyG View Post
I think the Hudler/Samuelsson comparison is less accurate than Hudler/Brunner although still a valid one as at times he will probably fill a similar role.

When you factor in cost I am happy with both Sammy and Brunner over Hudler, but if you take contract length out of the equation I think Hudler is far more valuable than Samuelsson.

I still like Brunner the best out of the 3 though.
Although Brunner seems to have been the guy who has taken over Hudler's spot, I do agree that for the next two years it's Sammy vs. Hudler. Which is an AINEC comparison, Hudler>Sammy. If you want to go further, you can factor in Bertuzzi and Cleary. There's no serious reason that Holland had to have Sammy, Bertuzzi, and Cleary this year all over Hudler. Especially when there's no guarantee he has Brunner next year.

The biggest question mark is how much Brunner brings over the course of the season, and how much he ends up costing on his next contract. Based on the amounts I have estimated for what each other Red Wing free agent will cost (Flip $4.5, $Howard 4, $White $3.75, Smith/Nyquist/Kindl $1.25) it puts the maximum amount Brunner can get at around $2.8. Which is good, if he gets the $2.5m I have him estimated at. We could end up having to either let one of our FAs go due to price, or ship out another player (Quincey? Samuelsson?) to clear cap space.

We know Hudler would have brought scoring, and if he had to be traded for cap space in that situation he would have been 29 and a top-six forward. That's hardly a poor return. Ship him out with Quincey and you can probably get a pretty good defenseman back. Let him walk for nothing and you get nothing back.

But this is not a Hudler thread guys. If we want a Hudler thread (to talk about his awesome performance this season ) let's make one and hope Heaton doesn't kill it four posts in.

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