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02-05-2013, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Devils86 View Post
You are sooooooooooo wrong. First Lang checked out after he was scratched for a game. Lou tried to have him wave his NTC, he wouldnt. His kids were is school and didnt want to move. Finally it got so bad he agreed if he could pick the team, he got traded back to Dallas for that year. Parises father was a strong influence in him leaving plus if you listened to, which I know you didnt, Parise's presser when he got signed he said he and Suter have been throwing around playing together for years and this was the best spot. You do know Parise and Suter got married in the same church(Not to each other but there are whispers). Suters wife grew up one town over from where the Parises live. That ZP build a 3 million dollar home on a lake 2 years ago 30 min outside St Paul. Every sign pointed to him leaving and it has NOTHING to do with Kovy
When you sign a FA to a 100 million dollar contract, you set the bar. That day the Devils told Parise he was LESS THAN Kovalchuk.

Every Devil that leaves is garbage, damaged, over the hill, a cancer...

Just own that your team stabbed their homegrown kid in the back and move on. It's just a game and Parise is probably better off in the long run.

One day you will understand.

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