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Originally Posted by Knights77 View Post
Interesting chatter over the past couple days fellas. Some stats to digest:
Goals against - ranked 15 / 20 in OHL
teams worse = Erie, Ottawa, Kingston, {Saginaw/Peterborough (both are tied with Windsor)}

Goals for - ranked 17 / 2- in OHL
teams worse = Petes, Mississauga, Brampton (note: brampton only has 145 goals against compared to Windsors 193 thus the reason they are finding success by not scoring much).

Pavelka - 17th goalie in terms of ohl stats
42 games (tied for 3rd most - heavy workload, lots of shots)
- names that are close to him in stats - JP Anderson (all time win leader for ohl), Jake Patterson (SAG) team canada goalie. - not that these accolades make them awesome or put them on a pedestal or anything, just putting him in a category for this year.

Goal scorers ranked in ohl
Rychel - 18th
Aleardi - 34th
Vail - 55th
Giftopoulos - 80th
Ho Sang - 88th
Ebert - 89th
* two of them were deadline acquisitions so you may argue that they don't even count, but remember (i didnt check) but you probably traded away somebody(s) that were in the top 100 so it probably evens out.

On the outside as a hockey fan (and maybe my junior goalie hockey experience makes me a bit biased) but I think the problem lies in your 5 skaters in front of Pavelka. If his save percentage was below .900 I would sway the other way but that is a telling stat. Yes the GA is a bit high but other goalies with good pedigrees are in the same ball park. When you look at your top scorers though, their ages sure do provide a nice glimmer of hope for the future thats for sure.

Food for though - if Rychel was thinking that this is how the deadline was going to pan out and that he was going to make a run for it (final playoff spot), why not claime Bailie off waivers when London released him. Stats were very good, half season with a winning attitude, could have brought some mojo with him and add in the fact if the 1st round match up was WSR vs LDN, talk about motivation for the kid eh.
I would agree for the 1st half of season alot of the blame could be put on the fiive skaters ion front of Pavelka/DeKort because of the lack of offense more then anything,defensively fine but not great,both goalies did not get alot of offensive support,at the trade deadline alot of those things were corrected with the deletions
of underacheiving players ie Maletta,Lorentz,and Clarke,and the additions of Aleardi,Giftopoulous,Koekkoek and the return of Khoklachev,Spits went 5-0-0-1 but jusr before the injuries hit,shortly there after suspensions and we are where we are at
The 7 game losing streak while teams like Sag and SSM went on a run is the differnce
in the standings,all 3 teams were with in a couple pts of each other
The Spits record is 0-7 against Owen Sd and Plymouth combined this season,although none of those games came against the enhanced roster in its entirety
The Spits record against the rest of the league is a respectable 21-16-1-6,including
6 games in that 7 game losing streak
As for your question re Baille I think the Spits felt up to the deadline that goaltending was not an issue,and addressed the needs of team vis-a-vis,its the injuries for the most part that hampers this team going forward

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