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02-05-2013, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
That's the biggest cop out ever.... Lucic had fought both of them. All the bruins fans come on here crying "he was only 23 he d kill him now!!!" And then when he shies away like a little girl out comes the "why would he waste his time with them?!!?
Are you even sure that Orr played in the latest Bruins-Leafs game? If he did, he was truly truly invisible.

Although I watched the game, just for fun I checked the boxscore.

Boston has a number of guys that will fight:

Lucic - 23 shifts/19:01 TOI
McQuaid - 23 shifts/14:13 TOI
Campbell - 20 shifts/14:21 TOI
Chara - 35 shifts/21:33 TOI
Macdermid - 7 shifts/3:02 TOI -- Two fights and I didn't see him say "no thank you" to Orr or McLaren did you?

On the other hand:

Orr - 7 shifts/4:04 TOI and a minus 1 in a 1-0 loss.
McLaren - 7 shifts/4:14 TOI and a minus 1 in a 1-0 loss.

You can claim Lucic shied away "like a little girl" if you want -- but Lucic wasn't hard to find being on the ice for a third of the game. Orr was much more difficult to find, wasn't he?

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