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Originally Posted by SJGoalie32 View Post
My wife had never been to a hockey game before I met her. She went at first just because she loved me and wanted to support me. Eventually, she started to enjoy watching the games (both mine and the pros).

About a year or so into our relationship, I signed us both up for a beginner hockey class. She got to learn how to skate, stickhandle, etc., and I got to go back to basics (plus as a goalie, I got to start learning how to be a forward from scratch). It was incredibly fun for the both of us to be on the ice together.....though admittedly moreso for me since I was thrilled skating with her and she was too busy just trying to figure out how to transition to backwards skating without falling down. If nothing else, it at least gave her a much greater understanding of what was going on on the ice. But she eventually loved it enough to even join a hockey league with me, and now she's not only a fan for life, but hockey is a major part of our relationship. It's more than just a sport, it's something we have bonded over.

Now, you certainly don't need to get your girl out on the ice to have a successful relationship (although I highly recommend it if you can), but if this is going to be as important a part of your life as it seems to be for many of us, than whatever girl you end up with long-term needs to be a whole lot more than just "okay" with your passion.

As the noted relationship guru Chris Rock says, whatever you're into, you're woman has to be into as well or it just won't work.
You're lucky, as am I with a similar story. I had been playing for about 10 years before I met my wife. At some point early in our relationship I quit playing altogether, not really sure why. Out of the blue one day she said she wanted to learn to play, and be on a team with me. Fast forward 5 years later, I'm back to playing 3 times a week, she's playing 3 times a week, and one of those nights we're on the same team. We also have a little one who we will try to get to join the hockey family when she's old enough. We also watch every single game for our local team (Stars), either live or on DVR after our games. Hockey is a major part of our lives and I couldn't imagine it any other way.

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