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02-05-2013, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
*deep sigh*

I'm not saying that Price isn't one of the five goalies I'd most want to have, or that he lacks potential. We in the Montreal fanbase know what he has.

I'm talking about how he's regarded. For example Vancouver 2010 (yes I know it was in Vancouver and not in Sochi, it was a Freudian slip you twit) was a selection; it's a reflection of how he was regarded at the time. If he's selected for Team Canahda next year, then that will be a reflection of how he's regarded at that time. Alternatively, you can look up how many Vezinas he's been nominated for and won to see how he's regarded.

Like I said before:

before being considered elite he needs a couple of really dominant seasons under his belt, and they have to be consecutive. Once he wins the Vezina, or gets nominated a couple times in a row, he'll be in everyone's top-3 or top-5 at worst.
This excuse is not good anymore... He's on his way to his third consecutive season being our best player and being more dominant than a HUGE majority of the other goalies.
Please tell me, how many bad games did you count last year what about the one he stole the past two seasons.

Recognition in a biased NHL isn't really what I'm worried about.

Most of the people who vote for the awards don't know much and go by the stats(I.E. Thomas winning the Vezina in 2011 because he had record numbers on one of the most stacked team I have seen in years.

Like I said about Vancouver Halak was coming off his best playoff run in years and Carey was 21 when is the last time a 21 years old made it to the Olympics on the Canadian team? Even on the American, Finn, Swede teams ?

Oh and I suggest you look up what is a Freudian-slip, you twit.

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