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02-05-2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Brewsky View Post
CBC really needs to replace everybody, except for Ron MacLean and Don Cherry. Healy and Hughson and Simpson first to go.

Get Mike Milbury back, add a Brett Hull or a Roenick to make things controversial, I don't give a **** have Donald Brashear try to put 3 words together without getting a concussion, anybody!
Are you serious, or trolling?

MacLean is an enabler. A puppet. Instead actually mediating anything, he sits there and lets people go off. It's a gong show. When Stock wasn't apart of the Hotstove, at least I could enjoy that.

I haven't given Cherry the bigot a moment of my time in 10 years.

CBC does nee to do a complete overhaul. I do like Kevin Weekes. I think he's found his platform in the studio. He's about the only one worth keeping.

That said, it won't happen. The others pander to the Leafs and Bruins market. I mean really, they waited until a Toronto home game on a Saturday night to honour the 60 anniversary of CBC HNIC on tv? That couldn't have been done on opening night?

As long as there are people with an IQ under 90, the current style of HNIC will have a following. The rest of the world will just have to get it's hockey elsewhere. I know I do.

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