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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
Problems with Connecticut are 1) Hartford is an absolute dump and 2) The Rangers have a following in the southern and eastern part of the state, Bruins in the Northern and Western part. The population is very spread out, so it can't be easy for most people to get to Hartford for a game on a regular basis.

A benefit is Connecticut is a fairly wealthy state per capita, so there are enough people with money who could buy season tickets. The question is will those wealthy people do so?
Originally Posted by bobo8192 View Post
1. Better than Detroit/Chicago 2. Once you get to the NY/CT border there's plenty of Ranger fans, but in Central CT where there's 1.3 Mil the one's who would be called upon to support the franchise the most the Whalers are still #1 after 15+ years.
Chicago is not a dump. Detroit is, but it is probably still better than Hartford and yes, I have been to all 3 cities. Last time I was in Hartford, I stayed at the Marriot right near the Civic Center. Was in town to ref a tournament. Guys I was with couldn't find anything open in the area at 7pm on a friday.

There might be 1.3M people in Central CT, I would actually have thought there was a little more, but you can't bank on all of them caring enough to buy tickets and support the team.

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