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02-05-2013, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Who says he doesn't become Crosby? I mean come on man... The guy was a 2nd overall and expected to be good. Is it a surprise he's developed into a good player? Of course not.

And seriously we lost those guys for nothing anyway so even if he did bust... so what? We weren't winning cups with those guys and Ryan could've helped us for the future, that's why it makes sense sometimes to make those kinds of moves.

Is that the case now? Not sure yet. But I think that it's extremely close minded to sit there and say that Markov is untradable or that the only way we give him up is for a guy like Jordan Eberle when we're seven or eight games into the season...

Except that its not revisionist. I said this back then. And back then people were saying the same thing you are now. That's the point. Our management never looked at the future... they were always focused on THIS season.

So because there's "no certainty" we can't make calculated risks on the future? I'm glad Sam Polloch didn't feel that way.

So GMs are paid to balance the pros and cons of deals... so what?

That's all this thread is asking you to do.
StLouis traded vets and acquired prospect Brett Hull... they're still waiting for their first cup...

Calgary acquired Iginla who has yet to win a cup...

really, those two are examples as to why we should trade our vets to acquire prospects I guess...

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