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02-05-2013, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by leftwinger37 View Post
I'm still very happily married, but everyday I have to work at finding a balance. I wish there was a secret to this that I could share with everyone, but there isn't one. Make sacrifices; I watch stupid Bravo and E! shows during the week so that I can watch Hockey Night In Canada guilt free. I make sure she is aware of what days games are scheduled so that she can plan her girls outings while I'm at hockey; this is a win-win because I'm off the hook on those days and that also means we don't have anything planned during our time together. The main thing is reminding yourself what is really important in your life. When I come home to find a new piece of gear in the mail, I feel like an excited little kid that just wants to play with a new toy, but I set it down, act uninterested, and ask her how her day was. It's little things like that that will go a long way.
Yep, gotta make compromises. Life pre- and post-family is very different. Not a bad thing though because you gotta grow up sometime, and having responsibilities and obligations outside yourself is rewarding.

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