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02-05-2013, 12:33 PM
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Update for FBV spinner holder

Haven't had any requests in a while, it might have to do with the difficulties in getting a spinner center to the exact blade center height. It also may have to do with slight inconsistencies in the spinners themselves. See the link below for a pic of the profile left by a fbv spinner, round hollow spinner, and circular diamond dresser.

It gets tough to align a skate blade, even when you're using a universal spinner holder. If the holder holds the spinner parallel to the table, that's good, but it needs to be at the right height. If you need to tilt the skate holder a bit forwards or backwards in order to meet the center of the dressing, the flat on the bottom of the skate won't actually be flat.
If you're using a tangent finder, it becomes SO much more tricky, because adjusting the tangent wheel not only changes the angle of the skate blade, it changes the height, so often when you have a high top edge, you adjust, and end up with an even higher top edge! The 3-D Wissota holder will make it less troublesome, but based on all the issues seen, it's doable, you just have to be careful doing it.

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