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02-05-2013, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by HoseEmDown View Post
I don't buy the dissapointment of not getting a shot at the NHL as a factor.
The only player that I could see having that affect them is Connolly since he played there last year.
We also don't have a ton of blue chip prospects who usually are closer to being ready. We have a lot of later round picks or FA pick ups who know they need more developement time.
Not sure what the true issue is, the goaltending has been subpar and we have need more secondary scoring.
They didn't just win the championship, they went 29-0 and then won the championship. They dominated the AHL. Tell them they aren't good enough yet, that they need to get better before they get a shot, and watch their eyes glaze over.

I'm not saying disappointment is the entire reason for their recent slump, but I think it is a decent size part of it. With that said, they are good soldiers who will probably keep improving themselves, so when they get a chance they will be ready to run with it.

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