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Originally Posted by Jerk Store View Post
So much failure in one post. And this will be the last time I adress you because I can't provide the special care you require:

1. Where did I say I would take Doughty over Karlsson?
2. You're entitled to you opinion, but chose to ignore the overwhelming favourable results for Benn.
3. When did I take back the argument of the poll? Point stands.
4. I agree that he's a number 2 defenseman. That can mean anything from 2nd to 60th best dman in the league. I feel he's paid appropriately, perhaps a little underpaid, as I stated earlier in the thread.

If you will take offense to my opinion, go ahead and cry me a river. To consider it trolling is just absurd. Sorry if us not agreeing has caused you so much ********. Now, have a nice day.
Speaking of failure.

1) The point was HF boards said it, so clearly he's better and you're a homer if you disagree.(isn't this how it works?)
2) Right after you admit Doughty is better or equal. In reality, we both know karlsson is significantly better and that Benn and Subban should've been closer. I still think Benn wins, but I think that poll is terrible representation of the truth.
3) So again, waiting for you to admit Doughty is the better d-man.
4) The one thing we agree on is his rank as a d-man. I don't think very good #2s with potential usually get 2.8 mil. Be reasonable.

How am I ******** if you can't prove anything and have failed to even stay grounded on your own opinions? I don't think it's crazy for me to say Benn would win but the poll should be closer to equal. I don't think it's crazy for me to say subban getting 2.8 per is underpaid. That being said, I too am happy bergevin did what he did but it doesn't mean it was fair pay. It's underpaid, clearly.

If you seriously think I blow a fuse over this stuff think again. I have zero people on my ignore list because I enjoy discussing. So my tears may be delicious but you're likely never to find out.

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