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02-05-2013, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
First of all, I don't like people telling me who I have and have not seen play hockey. Just because he has no played for the Jets does not mean it's his first game ever.

@Guerzy, while this is a good post and I respect your opinion, he does not play the game like Jordan Nolan, IMO.

Boils down to I really really hate enforcers. I want the others team to play them, since all they ever do is help the other team. I hate when my teams dress a player that helps the other team. This magical keeping other players honest quite frankly does not happen. Enforcers only fight other enforcers for no point, nobody is not playing their game thanks to some hulking giant that is sitting on the bench when anything happens since they can only manage to play to fight.

Maybe I'm completely wrong. Maybe he can play more. I really doubt it.

PS I know I will take a lot of crap if he plays one or two games solidly, but I always talk long picture. Don't see any more than a fighter. People told me Kevin Westgarth would one day be a 15g-15a 3rd line player since he could skate, was big and mean, in great shape, broke out in AHL his last year, all the same crap everyone is now saying about Peluso. Based on what I've seen and heard, I did not believe it then, don't believe it now.

I knew about the 1st rule. My source on the 30 days after claiming was shaky at best, thanks for the example that throws that out. I doubt any such 30 day rule has been implemented. Toss out that theory.
I am not big on enforcers or goons either, and I can understand the reasoning of not wanting a penalty liability on the ice...the Jets seem capable of that all on their own.

I do think that the days of the enforcers and goons are gone, but I see nothing wrong with a guy that is going to get in someone’s face and take him to task for dirty playing.
Staged fights are not worth the time, but a legitimate get into the scrum and sort someone out is ok by me.

I hope you do not think I was telling you that you have or have not seen Peluso play. I assume for the most part that people on this forum are self eductated enough, have a love of Hockey and like to debate players, teams etc. We all know what it is like trying to talk to a non fan or a casual fan...their eyes glaze over as we postulate.

I also hope that he is not just a goon, and I cannot see the reasoning for the Jets picking up a goon. I like the risk/reward of picking this kid up, cost us nothing, traded nothing and we get all the rewards if he turns out to be useful. I trust that the scouts have some good things to say about him. I do not want to see a pylon on the ice.

I think I have now said anything and everything that I can about the kid.
We will have to see what happens on the ice, or off the ice for that matter.


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