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I'm a PK fan and I can certainly recognize that there is probably a degree of "drama" that surrounds the dude, but whether that stems from others' jealousy or his own arrogance there is absolutely NO WAY to know.

I am willing to bet that a lot of the perceived hard-feelings toward PK are generated because of the media's intense interest in the guy. His name dominates nearly every topic of discussion when it comes to the Habs and if I were on the team, I'd be sick of CBC and TSN ignoring our HOCKEY for a story on one player, particularly during a time when the organization is trying to emphasize a TEAM-FIRST philosophy from the top of the ladder to the bottom.

It's a distraction and it's annoying when game day talk is all about PK, but it's nothing he can control. Granted, last year and over the lock-out PK put himself in the media spotlight a lot, doing commercials and becoming a panelist for Sportsnet. However, it's nothing that hasn't been done before by other players. I've already seen a shift in his demeanour from last year. PK has bought into the team-first culture and, for the time being, is treading lightly with the "new" organization. An example of that is the fact that he hasn't lead the rush a single time despite having many opportunities to do so (and the crowd egging him on to do so - "PK! PK! PK!").

I am behind Stubbs 110% on this little feud. As others have stated, the man is in the room with the players after every game and communicates to them on a personal level (beyond just talking about the game) and even going so far as to wish them happy birthdays during the off season (as an example).

I won't comment on PJ Stock because I don't have anything positive to say about the guy. I will say this; he reminds me of Mike Milbury. And I DON'T like Mike Milbury.

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