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02-05-2013, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by TheNudge View Post
No but when your drafting a team you want to be able to make some trades (pick wise) and also I prefer to draft live. Is it possible to start after this weekend ?
I'll be in New York City from friday till monday for a wedding.
I don't know when we will be starting. I don't even have the draft thread or anything started I'm just waiting for everyone to sign up with a team but if it happens to start sometime during the weekend it won't be a big deal. You might be autoed 1 player.
Originally Posted by TheNudge View Post
Also how can I determine wich player is the right one if I'm not here to determine wich trend gm went with. If by a chance goaltender are taken early and the one I had on my list are gone. So then my top starter would then fall on a guy like Vokoun or Theo. That's why sending a list would then be useless.

I still want to be part of this league since I love the last one and I was very active.
You can send me a list saying "if so and so is picked then I want this guy."

Originally Posted by CBJ All The Way View Post
A live draft would be superb but im cool with anything im working on getting some more guys
We are never going to find a day that is good for everyone.

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