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02-05-2013, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
Again, different teams have different strengths. LAK had Kopitar, Richards, Stoll down the middle. They added Carter. They had Brown, Penner, Williams, Gagne on the wings. How come they scored so few goals compared to other teams? It's all irrelevant. It's about how the team plays and how they execute the system that gives them success. We had high roster turnover and it's still very early. We are tweaking our roster with little adjustments, finding players who will help make the system work more efficiently (Powe is that kind of player). I could argue that our top four defense and goaltending is better than any of those recent cup winners and that our strength is simply different. The point is it's really too early to tell and there is absolutely no sense in moving guys like Miller or McIlrath who you have proposed moving for a guy like Antropov or Jokinen. Literally, no sense. Moreover, I don't think anyone is AGAINST adding a deadline rental with a top-six skill set. The problems are, A.) you insist that we must do so in order to bump Stepan down to the third line because you are pushing this anti-Stepan/pro-center depth agenda extremely hard, down all of our throats and most of us have disagreed with you; some politely, some impolitely, but almost universally, and you just continue to insist that we're wrong, Stepan is deficient and we need a better 2C. And, B.) you want to move pieces we're simply not willing to part with, and which it really doesn't make sense to part with in a world where ELCs and cost controlled contracts are extremely important, especially on a team carrying some large contracts already, and you want to do so for players who most of us do not even agree are an upgrade. In principal, I doubt anyone is against adding the right rental with a top-six skill set, at the deadline, or when the price is right, for a reasonable cost, but nobody here is going to endorse moving guys like Miller, McIlrath or Fast for Jussi Jokinen, or Jussi Jokinen bumping Stepan down to the 3C spot. A move like Christian Thomas + 3rd + conditional 3rd in 2014 if we make the SCF, for a skilled veteran with some gas left in the tank at the deadline is okay. Something like Miller or Skej + 3rd for Jussi Jokinen who keeps more than 3M on the books next season is not.
Not that I care but there's also many who have politely and impolitely agreed with me. There are clearly some here myself included that feel the team is much deeper and well suited with Stepan at 3C. I'm just sick and tired of watching this team struggle to score goals year after year. Defense and goaltending is great but you're not going to win every game 1-0. The TBs, PITs, BOS's of the the world are always gonna have their way and score. If you can get a J. Jokinen or Antropov for a mid-level prospect and a 2nd/3rd at the deadline (or now) it's a no brainer.

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So a team's goal scoring statistics are crucial, but the individual scoring statistics that they are comprised of are meaningless?

Hey didn't Dubinsky score over 50 points that one year? He must be a bonafide 2nd liner too

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