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02-05-2013, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by WojtekGoalski View Post
Not that I care but there's also many who have politely and impolitely agreed with me. There are clearly some here myself included that feel the team is much deeper and well suited with Stepan at 3C. I'm just sick and tired of watching this team struggle to score goals year after year. Defense and goaltending is great but you're not going to win every game 1-0. The TBs, PITs, BOS's of the the world are always gonna have their way and score. If you can get a J. Jokinen or Antropov for a mid-level prospect and a 2nd/3rd at the deadline (or now) it's a no brainer.

Hey didn't Dubinsky score over 50 points that one year he played with Jagr? He must be a bonafide 2nd liner too
No, genius, Dubinsky scored over 50 points the year before last with no Jagr in sight. But, I won't blame you for being completely wrong, I know you watch so much hockey, it's hard to keep it all straight. Meanwhile, I haven't seen more than, maybe, one person politely agree with you all this time and I'm not sure what you even mean when you say some have impolitely agreed with you. How does that even happen? "Hey, butt face! I totally agree!". Must have been in those secret PMs you were talking about.

Either way, I've got to say, you've changed my mind. You're spot on about Dubinsky, whose career is, if not already over, spiraling rapidly down the toilet with no hope of recovery whatsoever, and I can see how Stepan is going in the exact same direction if he doesn't get put in his proper place as a 3C. He's just too mediocre of a hockey player to be expected to get any better or have any real offensive prowess in this league. We'd better trade for Saku Koivu or something to play 2C in a hurry. Glad I finally see it your way. I feel like a much smarter hockey fan now. Thanks for posting. You really showed me the light.

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