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02-05-2013, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by vanwest View Post
So according to HF posters, since his value before the season was a bag of pucks, his value must decrease to half a bag of pucks in the off season.
Vancouver will take the risk on losing out on the redundant assets and keep a top 5-10 goalie unless the offers improve.
In the meantime those teams with questionable goaltending can keep telling us how they are in the drivers' seat while Vancouver with two great goalies is screwed.
Not every non Canuck fan has said his value is a bag of pucks, thank you. Some of us fans of other teams have stated we can't afford to give the type of return Gillis wants for a player of that calibre. That however is not the samething as saying worthless. You can think they are in the drivers seat all you want, but the more little stories like this come out the greater the chance there is of valuie decreasing. Explain to me though please since I am so wrong how his value is increased in the offseason when the salary cap for next season is going down? I am very curious to know this.

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