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02-05-2013, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by WTFetus View Post
Well, according to DW, he had talks with and re-signed Setoguchi a few weeks before Burns was even available, so he was willing to deal with it for at least another 3 seasons. Maybe he was hoping Setoguchi would grow out of his immaturity.
What he feels about Setoguchi now (with everything that's going on with Minnesota) is a different story. I do think he's growing out of it though. Apparently, he had a great off-season. He lost weight and bulked up, knowing that what he was doing in seasons prior wasn't cutting it. He's always been a streaky player but there is no doubt that his physicality, speed, and shot would help the team.

I really don't think Handzus has been as bad as people are making him out to be. I'd go




I agree that Sheppard looked better against the Ducks. Galiardi is a blackhole. Wingels started hot and he is sort of in between his start and the last couple of games. It seemed to change after a hit a few games back where I thought he was concussed. Burish is probably the poorest guy with the stick in the bottom six and Handzus hurts because he needs an extra tick to get into position to use his size although once there he is OK. Gomez is doing more than I thought. The problem for Desi is that he doesn't anticipate the boards well but he can hold and pass the puck a bit. It doesn't work for Desi to play wing. I don't rate Wingels low because I credit him with previous performance and I think he will come out of it.

In watching, they are overplaying the strong side exit again and opponent teams are stifling it. The top line does well because they will exit middle and occasionally go rink wide. I liked that a couple of the younger dmen would do outlets up the middle when possible. The transition strategy is stifling the team. Part of the note about collapsing defenses and open points was that the counter to that opponent strategy is to beat the opponent to their end. It isn't point shots or working the perimeter. It is getting to their zone before they have a chance to set up. Exits up the boards slow the transition and absolutely kill the bottom lines who can't work the puck around the zone as effectively as the big guys.

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