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02-05-2013, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by redcard View Post
Good news for Bombsville and OAP, bad news in the short term for me. I'm happy we'll get more teams and it'll make it easier for me to qualify for the season after next (would take a miracle for me to get in this season), but on the other hand now there are 4 more teams ahead of me that will be getting income boosts next season. Still a positive change, but could hurt me in the short term more than it helps.
Wait a friggen second... they changed it. We now have 4 in each tournament!?!?! HOLY (&^(*&% (&^(&*^%(*& )^(&^(*&% % )^()& ^()&

Here I was thinking it was 2 and 2. 4 and 4 is glorious!!!!!

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