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Originally Posted by doorman View Post
Not every non Canuck fan has said his value is a bag of pucks, thank you. Some of us fans of other teams have stated we can't afford to give the type of return Gillis wants for a player of that calibre. That however is not the samething as saying worthless. ... Explain to me though please since I am so wrong how his value is increased in the offseason when the salary cap for next season is going down? I am very curious to know this.
I agree with this, you've put it in better words than I could. Imagine it as the Canucks GM is trying to sell his Ferrari in a small town, where most houses already have a vehicle and don't want to trade their house for a car. Sure, the car is worth a lot, but it may not fetch much if there are no willing/able buyers.

It is more logical for MG to move 1 goalie for the best offer available, instead of sit on 2 high-calibre goalies and risk running out of skater-depth down the stretch and in the playoffs, despite what VanWest will tell you about how great it is to have 2 star goalies for 1 goalie position.

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