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02-05-2013, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by vanwest View Post
I never said it increased after the season. What I said was that the Canucks are a better team with Luongo than the bag of pucks being offered. For me it's simple. I'd rather keep him for the season and then trade him for free in the off season then get a Bozak and a second type of return by trading him now. HF posters seem concerned that Vancouver is missing the boat by not pulling the trigger now. If the return is as rumoured then you keep a guy who's a top 5-10 goalie and make a run at the cup. If you miss out on Tyler Bozak then I don't see that as a very big downside. In the meantime, who knows, a couple of team mays find their goalies struggling ( as happens every year) and the urgency to upgrade may increase.
Oh I have stated before that it maybe in there best interest to keep him all year and make a run. I know fans don't like to hear the window is closing comments, but it is usually, note I said usually the way it works. You take your shots while you can that's for sure. I am just saying if the offers are bad now, I don't think they get better in the offseason. LOL, you think there are vultures there now, man look

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