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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
This has been explained to you before but you still refuse to absorb it . Dave Stubbs is a feature writer and human interest story teller, that's the approach to writing he takes. He is NOT a beat writer.

He also isn't a muckraker and if he's calling Stock to task for his broad brush comments I will take it at face value that there's a good reason. It's probably because it goes against his nature of being balanced if not complimentary towards the human beings who give him his living.
Listen I agree that Stock is false/lying and that Stubbs has better connections with the team (and especially Spacek, it seems). I also agree that Stubbs takes the "human interest" approach to everything he writes. And I also agree that he wouldn't start stuff with Stock if he wasn't sure of the reality in the lockerroom.

That doesn't mean that Stubbs is good at his job or that I care about the crap pieces he flushes out. It doesn't mean that Stubbs is a worthwhile journalist who reports the TRUTH instead of hiding behind the veil of "off-the-record" and alluding to a million things - that's just cowardice. That's him protecting his sorry 65k a year job and stay in the good graces of the Habs, brown-nosing the likes of Spacek and Darche for a minor scoop here and there.

Look at his sorry piece on Subban last week before PK signed. There was nothing of value there and he went out of his way to protect the organization and PK simultaneously. Why are you even reporting at this rate - to protect PK Subban? Is that his job? Is he the Dark Knight?

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