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02-05-2013, 02:01 PM
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Let's compare some of our stats across the last few coaches.

Goals per game:
2012-13: 26th
2011-12: 30th
2010-11: 26th
2009-10: 20th
2008-09: 22nd
2007-08: 17th

We have been awful for three years now. It started when Rolston left and Gabby got hurt. In 07-08, Gabby scored 42 and Rolston 31. In 08-09, Nolan led the team with 25 goals. In 09-10, Lats with 27. 10-11, Havlat with 22. 11-12, Heatley with 24. Wild haven't had any real quality goal scorers in forever.

Is that the coaches fault? Maybe a few goals on the PP, but other than that? Have we had a guy (before Parise at least) who's been a consistent goal scoring threat being held back by the coach? WHO?

Shots per game:
2012-13: 28th
2011-12: 30th
2010-11: 30th
2009-10: 30th
2008-09: 30th
2007-08: 26th

Wild have been awful in shooting for YEARS. FOREVER. The only year they were ever outside the bottom five IN THE LEAGUE was 2006-07. Literally. Go check. That's three coaches over 13 years. We complained under Lemaire about this, and now two m ore coaches and we'd be happy to "move up" to Lemaire's teams' shooting tendencies. Guess what: it's not coaching. Personnel.

Power play %:
2012-13: 19th
2011-12: 27th
2010-11: 13th
2009-10: 10th
2008-09: 9th
2007-08: 7th

This could be a legit criticism of Yeo. Pittsburgh fans ripped him for his poor power play numbers with Crosby and Malkin on the team. Wild had very good special teams with Lemaire and still good under Richards, although they slipped.

I looked at the points though, and look at the depth of players after the top few. Last year it dropped way off. Look at the points:

Heatley - 19
Koivu - 15
Seto - 13
Spurgeon - 12
Brodziak - 11
Foster - 11
Cullen - 9

Talk about a dropoff in talent! You have two top six players, a top four defenseman...then a borderline top six forward...and then bottom six guys...and then Kurtis Foster? Really?

This year is a problem for sure. We've had five total PP goals, all scored by Parise and Heatley.

But I'd like to see how the team shakes out by year end.

Goals against per game:
2012-13: 16th
2011-12: 13th
2010-11: 16th
2009-10: 21st
2008-09: 2nd
2007-08: 9th

Lemaire almost always had exceptional goals against numbers. Just his coaching style. Probably the biggest impact a coach can have IMO. Look at the dropoff with Richards, from 2nd to 21st? Was it the loss of Martin Skoula? Trading Johnsson 3/4 of the way through the season? Aactually that did probably hurt, but they were out of it by then. Yeo had that team playing very well defensively, even though they were on their heels for half of last year.

Penalty kill %:
2012-13: 11th
2011-12: 15th
2010-11: 14th
2009-10: 14th
2008-09: 2nd
2007-08: 4th

Well, Yeo is maybe slightly better than Richards here...nobody's come close to Lemaire. Can't really complain about top 15, close to top 10 numbers though.

Blocked shots:
2012-13: 8th
2011-12: 2nd
2010-11: 19th
2009-10: 15th
2008-09: 20th
2007-08: 21st

If blocked shots is your thing, Yeo's got them out in front a lot more than Lemaire and Richards did.


I'm seeing that, while Yeo doesn't have the defensive brilliance of Lemaire, he's been a big time upgrade over Richards IN WHAT HE CAN CONTROL. Yeo can't score goals or take shots from the bench. Beyond that, he's going to have more to work with than Richards did, if everyone can stay healthy this year.

Is there another Ken Hitchcock or Dave Tippett out there? Would you be willing to write off the rest of the year as the players learn another new system (for many of them, the second new system in 30 days)? Would you be up for another ultra, ultra defensive trapping coach?

I'd say be careful what you wish for, but pretty sure Fletcher's got this one figured out.

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