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02-05-2013, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Ag925 View Post
This quote by Liut (and, by extension, his employer, Schneider) still blows my mind. I'll repost it so that it can sink in wth some of you.

Keep the following in mind as you read it: the Canucks are 3-0-1 in their past four games...

" are trying to trade one of them. So you have to play him. Now it's four games in a row, does that give you some concern at the same time? Sure..."

It's sinkin in man.. thanks. lol

Here's a quote from the Canucks board. I didn't ask I in the Eye's permission (sorry I), but it just had to be posted here for its poignancy and apt comparison.

I don't think AV is tactful, or sensitive, enough to have this done "issue free"... As far as issues go, this is harmless, IMHO...

Canucks have two excellent goaltenders... Throwing Bobby Lu a bone right now... Schneider will be getting his bone soon enough...

When you only have one free breast, and two hungry babies... one baby needs to go hungry for a while longer (that's just the way life sometimes is)... The one who's likely to cry and fuss first, gets fed first... He's older... Squeeky wheel gets the grease, and age before beauty... Schneider won't starve... After all, Mommy loves Schneider more... All is well, in the cycle of life...

Baby Lu is getting adopted soon enough... Until then, yes, breasts might get a little sore... Yes, babies might cry or whimper a little more... but, life could be worse, for everyone involved... They've got shelter... They're safe enough... It's a great environment... AV isn't very outwardly loving, but that's just the way he is... He's a distant father... But I don't foresee social services needing to send Baby Lu to an orphanage... Time is there for a great family to adopt Baby Lu... Baby Schneids will have to wait a little bit... I'm confident he won't **** the crib in protest... and he won't starve...

Let that sink in.

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