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Originally Posted by doorman View Post
Oh I have stated before that it maybe in there best interest to keep him all year and make a run. I know fans don't like to hear the window is closing comments, but it is usually, note I said usually the way it works. You take your shots while you can that's for sure. I am just saying if the offers are bad now, I don't think they get better in the offseason. LOL, you think there are vultures there now, man look
I don't really take the windows closing arguments very seriously. I heard the same thing when Bertuzzi/Morrison and Naslund were the number one line. IMO, you always try to put your team in a position to win. A few things need to break your way but well run organizations tend to take advantage of those breaks and poorly run organizations rarely get the chance. You have to ask yourself why the same teams always seem to be on the outside looking in year after year without any wndows really opening.
As for vultures, again if there are no offers on the table that improve the team, let them circle. The teams with bad goaltending will be on the golf course in May and their GM's will be looking for another job. We'll see if that gets them motivated as the season progresses.

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