Thread: Confirmed with Link: Steve Mears moving onto NHL Network
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02-05-2013, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by FlightlessBird View Post
I think I'm the only one who loved this guy and laughed hysterically at his screaming.
He was so ridiculous and over the top I couldn't help but laugh. My most distinct memory of him was in the finals when they scored and he yells "TAKE THAT KIPRUSOFF!!!!!!"

As far as Jeanerett, god do I hate him. His obnoxious goal calls (where he sounds like he's gargling at the tail end of each) are the worst. Also, each time I hear him when Pominville scores a small part of me dies. Look it up if anyone needs to.

Oh yeah, about Mears: I'm glad to hear some say he wasn't that great. I was pining for someone new and it did seem like they were grooming him. Anyone other than Steigy I would welcome with open arms including Mears, but truth be told he was pretty vanilla and often boring when I heard him on the radio. I gotta hand it to him, he worked hard it seems. Between all the nonsense Penguin stuff he did including arena-only garbage, Inside Penguins Hockey, etc. plus he started popping up on NHL Network.

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