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02-05-2013, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Bourne Endeavor View Post
I'll be frank. I would rather play for Toronto than Vancouver were I Schneider, unless I am given a guarantee Luongo is gone by x. Why? No professional athlete wants to warm the bench constantly no matter how often he says the right thing publicly. Toronto may be nowhere close to as successful a team but as a goalie, you want to play - becoming part of the solution.
While I agree, I think there is more to it as we'll. there is some grace time here, as Cory knows he will be the guy, for a team that drafted and developed him. I believe he would rather start here in Vancouver then anywhere else in the world. That gives us grace time to accomplish that. How much? I don't know.

Originally Posted by Zoombie View Post
I agree with this, you've put it in better words than I could. Imagine it as the Canucks GM is trying to sell his Ferrari in a small town, where most houses already have a vehicle and don't want to trade their house for a car. Sure, the car is worth a lot, but it may not fetch much if there are no willing/able buyers.

It is more logical for MG to move 1 goalie for the best offer available, instead of sit on 2 high-calibre goalies and risk running out of skater-depth down the stretch and in the playoffs, despite what VanWest will tell you about how great it is to have 2 star goalies for 1 goalie position.
Except we do t have a glaring hole to fill. We are missing two of our top 6, and are still 5-2-2, what needs to be upgraded? We have afforded to ourselves through great depth, time. We can sit in this small town, as people run their cars into the ground. Maybe we have to wait until summer when I guy wants to get rid of his truck for a summer sports car, and thanks to the buyout, he has a windfall coming to him.

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