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02-05-2013, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Cujomi View Post
Moving up to draft Drouin or MacKinnon would be going after the BPA. I'm not advocating going for someone that isn't BPA...I'm advocating making the moves necessary to get a forward of that calibre (Lindholm/Drouin/Monahan most likely)..
Moving up to grab a franchise player is very difficult. Even if we had the 10th overall pick, to move up to top 3 to land a player like Drouin would likely cost Turris, Lehner and the 10th overall or something along those lines. The price is always crazy, which is why you almost never see a team get to move up. Even Ottawa moving up from 6 to top 3 was overly expensive in 2011, which Murray had looked at doing, but passed when the price was set.

Even moving to from 10th to 5th to grab a Monahan or Lindholm would be pricey. Probably cost you one of Lehner, Silfverberg or Zibanejad along with our 1st. At the very least, a guy like Stone. Especially in this draft, where there is a decent drop off after #6 (at least at this juncture).

Originally Posted by Cujomi View Post
It was always a mistake to take Zibanejad where we did. No offence to him, as I think he'll be a nice player, but Dougie Hamilton was the clear best choice there (at least IMO) and even though we couldn't foresee Cowen getting hurt we still weren't exactly deep with age and contracts factored in.

But yeah...Zibanejad was an error in judgement. A good player but he wasn't BPA and he didn't fill the need that we really had (which was finding a real offensive catalyst).

It's just too bad Strome was taken right before our pick.
I thought it was a mistake at the time too, but only time will tell. Zibanejad might just end up better than Couturier and Hamilton, or at least their equal when all is said and done. I didn't really care about picking Mika from a need perspective, I just felt Couturier was clearly the BPA. I liked him better than everyone in the top 6, other than RNH and Landeskog. Hamilton was also ahead of Zibanejad from where I stood too. And a lot of questions about Strome still as well.

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