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02-05-2013, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by WojtekGoalski View Post
Not sure if serious, so It's about 25 minutes old with I believe 12 results. 1 guy posted yes, another said no and that Stepan is overrated.

I voted yes for the nut-huggety factor because I'm a Ranger fan and I have to follow the rest of my clan in their nut-huggingness

Actually, you voted no. I know this, because you can view the results and who voted what. The poll was 9-3 last I checked, including your no vote. Don't lie about hugging Stepan's nuts. We know you've been neglecting Stepan's nuts for a while now. Moved on, so to speak. Found some new nuts to dangle on.

The poll is 10-3 and 75 minutes old, by the way. Not 25 minutes old. And you still voted no.

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