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02-05-2013, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Regardless of whether it was dirty or clean, the Bruins toughness and intimidation game did not prevent any of these players from wanting to dish out hard hits.

I think it's good to have "tough" guys, when the game it's a little chippy and some players have to let out steam, but I don't believe in the deterrent theory, i.e., that having tough players prevent injuries. I think that having tough players makes some players on the team feel like they can play their game a little more comfortably, but I just don't believe in the idea that it prevents concussions, big hits and injuries.
For sure, no team is going to avoid cheapshots or concussions. Hockey is a physical sport and there's always a nutcase or two that will go out of their way to hurt a player. And I'm not all for having an heavyweight at all cost. Like I said, it has to be the right fit, and it has to be a player who actually can play the game. Shawn Thornton comes to mind immediately when I try to think of one good example.

That being said, I'm not against having a Boll, a Clowe or a Doug Murray, who actually can contribute to the game AND make our other players' job easier. Guys like Plekanec end up slowing down as the season goes by, every year, in huge part because they have to deal with those little things the other teams make them suffer between the whistles and at the end of plays. As a whole, we have to stop accepting this. Especially since the referees are now as confusing as ever in regards to their level of tolerance this year. Without enforcing and intimidating anyone, we need those guys who actually are used to taking abuse, answering back, and act as a lightning rod for guys like Plekanec so they can be able to do their job without being bothered.

This, and I think a guy like Doug Murray would actually be quite awesome to clear up the front of the net if we look for a Bouillon replacement next season. We're still missing a big body presence back there that will jump on those rebounds with authority and prevent Price from getting slashed after the whistles.

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