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02-05-2013, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Identity404 View Post
Subban is a better player than Faulk right now, but he is also three years older. Subban's and Faulk's ceilings are probably pretty similar, I'm not going to start a debate on who will be better. I think we can agree that both franchises would like to just keep their own players they drafted.

In the end it just doesn't really matter. Cole want return a canes. Habs have no choice but to take our junk for Cole.
I have no problem agreeing that both franchises love, and keep the players they drafted without trying to argue if either is better than the other.

Cole actually is happy in Montreal. It is not playing for the Habs that has made him upset, it is playing under a new CBA he believes screwed the players. I have not heard about him demanding a trade, and as has been pointed out, he is already showing signs of breaking out of the supposed "funk" he started the season beneath. The Habs have no interest in dealing him while we have a chance to make the plyoffs. We need him with DD and Patches on the first/second line. If the Habs get hit by disaster, then see us at the trade deadline.

I respect the Hurricanes as an organization, and absolutely love their coach (wish Molson would have had the balls and brains to fire Martin and give the job to Muller the last damned season he was with us!!!). I hope we meet, and beat, you in the ECF. Good Luck!

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