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02-05-2013, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
You love to reply with sarcasm don't you.

No we don't need him at the expense of our top prospect/young roster player, and our second line winger.

If the Flyers are wasting 6.5 million dollars on a defender(even with the proposed salary relief from Toronto) we have better options other than Phaneuf. I would rather have Bouw from Calgary then Dion. Would cost much less. I don't think Phanuef gets that type of package anyway.

Also just because one player comes in and turns it around in our system, does that mean every player will??
I wouldn't say Luke Schenn has "turned it around" per say in Philadelphia. He's been adequate in the games I've watched but he's still be prone to some of the same mistakes he made in Toronto. Luke Schenn year one is still arguably the best year he's had in the league, still lots of time to change that this year though. It's fairly obvious though that he's getting the proper guidance in Philadelphia, something he wasn't getting in Toronto under Wilson.

I agree with Phaneuf not getting top value, I think that's fairly obvious at this point. I do believe you could find a team willing to overpay in a bidding war just because he is one of those players who clearly doesn't struggle because of lack of talent. He's one of those frustrating players not willing to give 100% of himself every game and it shows in a lot of puck battles. I thoroughly love watching Leafs hockey when the opposing team dumps it in his corner all night long as Phaneuf has one of his days off and lets up despite the fact he's clearly capable of winning the battle just to avoid the contact. I'm sure some people will blame it on the lack of out but he's had it all season long, the wingers are actually collapsing properly this season and Kostka has been good for the most part in his own zone all season. Maybe some people will try to say it's a smart play to avoid the contact so he's fresh enough to play his 27 minutes a game but I would say if he can't take a shot along the boards to make a play without gassing he's not a 27 minute a night guy. Even still, the talent is obvious and man is a frustrating to watch. I think I'd rather watch someone who is actually just a bad player at this point, I'd just be less frustrated as someone who player defence for a long time.

I would still guess a 1st and a strong prospect at this point for Phaneuf. I just have trouble seeing someone adding the strong younger roster player that comes along with these types of deals usually.

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