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02-05-2013, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by doorman View Post
See not to sound like an ass here, but why can't a none Canucks fan just care about for the sake of talking hockey? Why does it have to matter who one cheerrs for? Some of us do just enjoy talking about the greatest game on earth.

I realize that in Vancity that sun rises and sets around Gillis, but do any of us know what he is thinking? It is as easy for me to say he is like a duck on the water as it is for you to say the opposite. I mean we all say Burke regrets the Kessel trade and if he knew how it was going to work out he would never of made it, he says that is not true. So, is he a liar or did he value said player that highly?
This is why. Leafs fans want to come in here and talk about Leafs related topics. The Kessel trade has nothing to do with Luongo.

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