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02-05-2013, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by doorman View Post
See and at no point have I said he is worthless, i do feel his contract affects his trade value more then Canucks fans feel it does. I have also said in this thread or one of the 86 others that they should keep him and run hard this year.
I simply am stating that if the cap goes down then it is harder to keep him and that affects his value, you may disagree. So to that i have simply asked if you are Gillis or as a Canucks fan, how long do you keep him? If there is no trade to Gillis' liking this offseason what do you do? I think it is a fair discussion question and in noway belittling to Loungo.
I agree that his contract affects his trade value. I think that the decision has already been made that ideally he gets traded this year and if not, then in the summer. The decision has been made to run with Schneider as the number one. I suppose that could change if Luongo went on a deep run in the playoffs and Schneider stumbled all year but I give it a pretty low probability of happening.

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