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02-05-2013, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by PAZ View Post
I think the problem with Sherman is he gambles too much.

When we traded Liles, it was obvious he thought Barrie/Elliot would step up. We only got a 2nd for him, why not just hold onto him until they actually prove it?

Sign a bunch of depth/project defensemen hoping that some of them will step up their game and prove they can be top 4 defenseman.

Let Winnik go, assuming McClement and RoR would be easy signings. I can't blame him too much for McClement, but he should've talked with him earlier so he could've started the negotiations with RoR earlier.
With a limited budget, a GM has no choice but to take gambles. In fact, I think his gambles have mostly all been great moves...unfortunately they weren't good long-term investments, but that's why players like that were available in the first place. In fact, I give him credit for seeking out better long-term solutions when those gambles ultimately didn't work out (Varlamov replacing Anderson, Parenteau being brought in to replace Mueller/Fleischmann).

Zanon and the retention of O'Brien aren't really gambles, and I think that's the problem. Sherman should've sought out a good puckmoving defenseman, even if said defenseman was a liability in his own zone. As it stands, the Avs still suck defensively despite a world class goaltender and slew of defensive defenseman because they can't get it out of the zone effectively nor sustain an attack, so if anything, Sherman got gun shy at the wrong time.

I'm also befuddled as to why he hasn't admitted the Hunwick experiment has largely been a failure and just cut ties with the guy already.

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