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02-05-2013, 04:45 PM
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I am not a visible minority but am very much a minority for other reasons. I work in the public sector in an organization that groups together individuals from about 20 countries. I say this to say I have some experience with multiculturalism and group dynamics. PK Subban is the victim in this drama. He is a boisterous black man playing an anglosaxon white man's game. Look no further than Don Cherry who harps on the Euros and Russians and basically anyone who isn't Canadian (read anglosaxon white Canadian). Remember Darren Pang comparing Subban to another young dman and saying the other guy plays the game the "white way" and then back pedaled and said he meant the "right" way. Call it what you want Darren the statement doesn't even make sense. Watch football. Who are the guys doing the dances in the end zone? It's not racism to acknowledge the differences in cultures. I have spoken to black crowds and anglosaxon crowds. The difference is night and day. It does not make either group better or worse nor is the difference true for every person in the groups.

Take this triple low 5 business. That is nothing less than making Subban play the game the "white way". I admire PK for being humble enough and team centered enough to cooperate with no apparent anger or frustration.

I'm a white anglosaxon and some days that embarrasses me. Too many small minded and racist people to simple allow PK to be PK. I guarantee if the colour of the league changes enough there will be a lot more "flavour" and "colour" in the game and the Cherrys and Pangs of the world will have to slink off and let the multiculturalism thrive.

We all miss out when we try and form others into our cultural mould.

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