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02-05-2013, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Fro View Post
crippling the top 6? he has what, 2 points? so far this year he's been the he may pull out of it...but he's been more of a hindrance than a positive ON the ice...his leadership may be worth it off the ice...
I just happen to disagree with that evaluation. I really do think folks are accentuating the negative and paying more attention to errors than to the overall state of his game.

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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
I think that would be a tactical decision made by the front office based on production, team identity, and finance. If you don't think RJ is part of your future and you get a chance to move him, maybe you look at it.
Makes sense, but I kind of have the impression that RJ is still being seen as part of the near future. And I still think that's ultimately a good idea, even if it's not necessarily significantly paying off right now.

Brassard, though, is a different story.

Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
I would argue that it is far less than certain that moving RJ or Brassard is going to have a noticeable impact to the top six. To be honest, putting Dubinsky in the middle of the ice has had a positive impact and that adding Foligno to his wing as opposed to Brassard probably isn't going to be noticeable in a negative way.

We are now in the evaluate the player mode. If they don't fit what you are looking to do, there is no better time to look at where you want to move them. Leaving those individuals in key roles isn't going to have a positive impact to the team. Also at some point JD is going to have to prove he is serious, if the team doesn't start to play the way that he is demanding.
Again, I think this argument applies well to Brassard's situation, but not necessarily Umberger's. Mostly because I think Umberger has a better established track record than Brassard, and does more off the ice as well.

I won't be scandalized or outraged if Umby does end up moved as a result of said evaluations. It happens, and he does have his limitations. I just object to this rabid frothing "he sucks, he sucks so bad, omfg trade him trade him RIGHT NOW" mishegaas.

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