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The reason why the Q is under-scouted is because it's a very offensive league with questionable defense, and most NHL teams now tend to go more towards a defensive style of play (such as the trap).

Also the Nordiques will try to get French-speaking players not because of Quebec language issues, but just so that Habs won't get them. Each team will try to have more French than the other to represent the province.

Originally Posted by ClasslessGuy View Post
Any update on the arena (pictures etc.)
Digging continues whenever it's not too cold, then in March or beginning of Spring, from what I remember, they're supposed to start building the foundations and its "ground support", then in August we're supposed to start seeing the structure coming out of the ground. Of course this is only from memory, though, and I do not know if they're still a few weeks ahead of schedule like I heard a few months ago.

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