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Originally Posted by hairylikebear View Post
I think motivation as a whole is an overrated skill for a coach to have. I mean sure you don't want him handing out cupcakes between periods of blowout losses, but I'm dubious that the solution to this team is for Gulutzan to shout louder and use more swear words.
I would say that is your problem right there. Leadership and motivation has little to do with that in my opinion (unless your tortorella). Anger IS a focusing energy however and has its place, if used sparingly. Constant shouting makes the audience deaf.

Motivation and leadership at the pro-level is based more on respect and coherence, experience and gravitas in my opinion than shouting and stomping of feet. Sometimes you have to turn up the juice and sometimes you have to calm the ship. When I say motivation, I mean leadership. I mean charisma and personality to get across what he desires and have them respond. I am just not sure if Gully has that. Maybe he does, no way for us to know.

But when the big games hit and the other team is amped and we look like it's just another night, that to me is coaching. A team requires a captain to steer it, guide it. Part of that is getting focused, as a unit. And I haven't seen this team respond that way yet.

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