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02-05-2013, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by JoemAvs View Post
No. The problem is that the Leafs and 10 other teams are in dire need of a quality #1a/#1b/#2a Center.

And since Carter, Richards(x2) and Staal are traded , the only team which might have an abundance of those centermen is Colorado.

And it shows in those trade threads. Our guys are not superstars (Duchene might be one soon) but they are more than decent.

So we usually get an offer that does nothing for the Avs in term of needs or value. If that is pointed out (sometimes rather harsh) the reaction will be a severe bashing of our players.

That is why almost every Avs fan reaction of those kind of proposals is at best pure sarcasm or at worst very harsh language...
Yeah I think with all the spazoid over hyped defense prices, people have forgotten just how valuable a reliable 50+ point top 6 center really is.

If your selling D people line up regardless of the quality it seams, but still if your selling a top 6 center teams are going to line up and your going to get your pick of offers coming from teams knowing they are probably competing with 10 other teams. With D it maybe 15 or 20 other teams.

The only teams that take 'Packages' for top six/top 4 players are teams that are rebuilding, or the player is 1 year away from becoming a UFA and the team does not feel the player plans to resign.

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